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This project started when Gordon, a friend from the WSMVT, asked if I would be interested in part of a Jeep as the start of a project. He had been in discussions with a chap in Sussex who had one and a half Jeeps for sale. They had been stored since the early 1960s. When Gordon finally saw them, it turned out to be two almost complete Jeeps. Both of which had been part stripped down but then left for the next 40 plus years. Gordon then had to work out which bits belonged to which Jeep, after which I was offered one. A deal was done and on Friday 11th October 2009, Jeep – FSB 734 was low loaded by Chris & Gordon to our home.

Jeep details –
Engine and chassis number – 240309. It is quite rare to still have matching numbers. A check on the Internet makes it a FORD GPW  - 1944. Being stored from the early 50s means that it is as original as you can get. A lot of the parts and bolts have the Ford 'F' on them.

I was told that the Jeep was registered in Argyll in the 50s (hence the FSB 734), this I will try and check with the DVLA. The number may still be available, if so, I will try to obtain it. Hopefully, over the course of the restoration, more of the history of this Jeep will come to light.



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