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This site will record the restoration of a WW2 Jeep, the people involved and the fun we have along the way. I have been interested in military vehicles since 1984 when I was invited by my friend, Chris, to take part in the 40th D-Day tour in his Jeep. I was hooked after that experience. When I returned from France, two friends & I bought, restored and ran a GMC. For the next ten years we did subsequent D-Day tours and various transport / military shows around the South East. Some 13 years ago, after a short break, my father-in-law, Bob, and I purchased a Dodge WC51, which we restored and still run today at shows and events. Diane and I are members of the West Sussex Branch of the Military Vehicle Trust, a really social group of people with a common interest in military vehicles.

Each month I will show what’s been done with the Jeep and who’s helped or visited. This project has no set time scale and will take as long as required (money and time limits apply). The restoration will involve a complete strip down of the Jeep. All the parts will have to be taken to bits, cleaned, repaired and reassembled. I am not a mechanic but have some basic knowledge and am willing to learn. I do have a wealth of support and knowledge from friends and members of the WSMVT, many of who have Jeeps.

The Jeep
The happy couple with their new baby.


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